7 reasons to choose us

Is there ever a good time to change accountant?

We think yes. When you are not somehow happy with either the service provided, fees charged or for that matter, any other aspect of their firm. And you do not need to wait until the year end - why not change now?

At Anderson Accountancy, we have come up with 7 reasons why should talk to us; these are:-

  1. Service - we endeavour to provide the best service for you and your business with emails, texts and calls responded to within 4 hours
  2. Fees - we may not be the cheapest, but we don't charge the Earth. Fees charged are based on our experience of the task to be done and are not over-inflated
  3. Guarantee - we guarantee that all work is completed within an appropriate time period
  4. Local - our primary area of cover is the SO post code region so it's easy to meet up when you need to see us but with modern technology, everyone in the UK is local to us and we often use Skype for meetings
  5. Availability - you can call us from 8.30am to 5.30pm Mon-Fri, send us an email, text message or leave a voice call - we WILL call you back ASAP
  6. Experienced - very important to us; we provide you with the assurance that we know what we're doing and have been doing it for nearly 30 years. Our bookkeeping is supervised by highly qualified senior staff
  7. Added Value - we do not charge for letters, phone calls, general queries, meetings etc. The fee we quote is the fee you pay, nothing more!

So talk to us now on 01794 521 300!