financial statements

The Financial Statements are the end result of all your hard work over the last year. These are the documents which go to Companies House, HMRC and of course are looked at by potential investors.

The price for this service is usually incorporated within the annual fixed fee, however, for the service alone which also includes the preparation of the Corporation Tax Return (CT600) and the submission of the documents to the relevant bodies, our charges start from just £720 (plus VAT).

This service can be purchased from us on a purely ad-hoc basis; maybe you're doing your own bookkeeping, maybe you have a family member or friend doing it but this is the task where you need a professional. Furthermore, once we have completed this report for you, we will then walk you through the figures so you are entirely aware of what is being reported. This service is usually done in conjunction with the Corporation Tax Return.

Once completed and signed by yourself, we will submit the documents to Companies House, HMRC and of course a nicely bound copy for your own records.

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