management accounting service

Our management accounting service is a management reporting function whereby your income and expenditure is analysed either monthly, quarterly or bi-annually and then compared to previous periods in order to provide some meaningful information in order to HELP you manage your business better.

After all, what is the point in having financial information if you don't use it?

So why would I ever need this service?
For several reasons. The most important one being touched upon in the above paragraph; businesses are MORE SUCCESSFUL if the financial information is looked at and used in a pro-active manner. Also, you may be considering the need for additional funding from the bank or other lenders, management accounts not only show these lenders that you have financial control over your business, it also shows that you KNOW your business - inside and out!

We will provide you with an easy to read report, explained by us, in either a meeting with just the proprietor/managing director or with the board of directors.

So how much does this service cost?
This generally depends on the frequency of the reports, how the reports are delivered and the complexity of the business. For more information, please give us a ring.

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