company secretarial

Running an incorporated company has the normal day to day strains associated with any business so what you could do without is the red tape imposed by Companies House.

This is where we can help you. If you are already a client, then chances are the fee for your confirmation statement is already included in price you are paying for our services but if not, give us a ring and we can sort this out for you.

We are also able to complete any other forms required such as change of accounting period, change of company name, appointment and/or resignation of directors; in fact, just about anything needed with regards to your Company. This service can be purchased as a one off fee (£100 per annum* plus VAT) which covers the cost of all  Companies House forms and submissions or can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis as and when required - please call for charges.

So if you would like to take the hassle out of Companies House, give us a ring now!

Are you a sole trader looking to incorporate? We will be pleased to offer advice on this aspect and also deal with all aspects of incorporating your business.

* Fees quoted are for the completion of the documents and additional charges for filing the documents may apply - please enquire or visit Companies House for more details.

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