self assessment tax return

The bane of every self-employed persons life - the dreaded Tax Return! Essentially, you need to provide details of all income and expenditure for the relevant tax year and disclose this to HMRC.

If you're a Company Director, we usually include this service as part of the mandate covered for your company and will automatically complete this for you at the year end.

If we do not operate your company's accounts, fear not, we can still complete these returns for you - we just need some information which we will ask for at the time.

For the self-employed, we offer a simple service. From just £200 + VAT, we take your receipts and income details and process the return incorporating other allowances you are entitled to thus reducing your income tax liability. But our service doesn't just end there - the fee you pay covers you for the entire year so you are free to contact us anytime for business advice. We also acquire HMRC authorisation so are happy to act for you in this regard, again all part of the fee.

Are you late with your Self Assessments?

First of all, DO NOT WORRY! You have come to the right place and we can help you get sorted out. In the first instance, we will contact HMRC and let them know we are dealing with your affairs. Then we will work with you to submit the oldest return first then gradually bring you up to date. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent HMRC from imposing any penalties or interest, but we can buy some time and by acting for you, limit any additional penalties.

As stated, the key here is not to worry - with us on side, we'll get you sorted out so call NOW!!


Tax can be daunting but we're here to help!

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