VAT is often a minefield; what can you claim, what can't you claim, when to charge, when not too, what rate to use.......

This is where we help. With many years experience in the realms of VAT, completing the returns, dealing with Intra-Stat and EC Sales lists. Usually, we include this service as part of the mandate in place with your company so you don't need to do anything or pay any extra.

If we do not operate your company's accounts, fear not, we can still complete these returns for you - we just need some information which we will ask for at the time.

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) returns are again something we can do for. This can be part of your mandate with us or simply done on an ad-hoc basis. We just need the details of your sub-contractors who you have paid in the relevant period and we can even produce the Deductions Certificates on your behalf and let you know how much needs to be paid over to HMRC.

Tax can be daunting but we're here to help!

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